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How to Get a Quick Approval on Your Car Loan

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Purchasing a car is an engaging process, and the stress involved can take a turn for the worst if your credit score isn't too appealing to lenders. A low credit score can delay the approval process or even cause you to miss out on the opportunity of buying a car altogether. It is critical for you to understand how car loans work. This way, you can have ideas on some of the measures that you can take to smooth and hasten the approval process. Read on for some insights into how to achieve this.

Know your credit history

There's no point asking for an auto loan if you don't know where you stand financially. What is your credit score? Do you have any due loans? Evaluate your finances and know your credit score before making an application. Remember, your credit history and monthly income play a significant role in determining whether your loan will be approved and how fast the process will be. Ask for your statements and look up your credit score online to give yourself an idea of what to expect.

Clean out your debts

Once you know your exact financial situation, the next thing is to clean up any messes that can ruin your chances of getting an auto loan. In this case, you should pay any outstanding loans and ensure that you are in good standing with all your creditors. If you have multiple credit cards, ensure that all due amounts are paid off as well. If you have another car, make sure that you don't have any outstanding tickets. If there are any, you should pay them.

Improve your credit score

Several remedies are available for building a bad credit score. You should consider these before approaching a dealer for an auto loan. If you don't have any credit cards, acquire one and use it to pay for goods and services. However, remember to pay on time lest you damage your reputation further. Also, ask for a small loan from the bank and repay it on time. However, don't go overboard with the debts; rather, just take enough to build your credit.

Consider pre-approval

Instead of looking for the car you want and applying for a loan to purchase it, you can go for a pre-approval. This is where the lender calculates the amount that you qualify for based on credit and other factors. Since you know how much you can get for an auto loan, you just need to communicate with the dealer when you are ready to buy the car. A pre-approval positions you as a serious buyer and increases your chances of getting the loan. It also allows you to narrow your vehicle search to those options that fit your budget.