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Claiming debt collection of your gym fees

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If you run a local gym it can be hard to stay in business, in a market where more and more low-cost gyms are opening up. It can be very stressful if your gym members do not pay their dues. As gym memberships are based on a contract gym owners do have some ways to ensure that gym goers pay up. 

Here are some tips to make sure that that your gym members pay up. 

Get their contact details

If you find that one of your gym goers is not paying up it can be worth sending a message to the gym goers phone by text message, as well as calling them and sending a letter. This can remind them that they need to come in and change their payment methods or switch to a new gym if they aren't coming in. Let them know if there will be some consequences of their failure to pay including whether their account is accruing extra fees, whether they will have access to the gym ceased or if the account will be sent to a debt collection agency after a certain period of failing to pay.

In some cases, accounts can become unpaid simply due to people forgetting to update the account to match a new credit card number or another simple reason. By prompting the member they may come in and fix up the account promptly so that you can get those much-needed funds. 

Use a debt collection agency

Using a debt collection agency can be a good option if you have a large number of unpaid debts. In return for a fee per account (often a fixed percentage of the funds collected), the agency will pursue the debt. They have additional resources to help locate people and contact them to encourage them to pay. They also have the time and experience to dedicate to chasing down people who owe money while gym owners have a range of other tasks that they need to do more urgently to keep their business running.

If you have a gym with a large number of gym members who are not paying their gym fees it can be a good idea to review your debt collection processes and work out how to try and prompt the gum members to pay their debts themselves. If this does not work then you can use a professional debt collection agency to help collect the debt.